Because really, roller derby was just a pipe dream.

I have a 2-pronged approach for getting small businesses the wild success they deserve. 

1.  4Barrel is all about the planning. Let me help you put together a banging business plan, and then let's talk about available resources.

  • Location, location, location. Don't let me get started on why you should be downtown. Or in that rad warehouse where the artists are piling in! Let me help you think outside the box and create a space that will stun and amaze. Remember -- I love art married with function.
  • Who is your audience? Let's nail that question so we can go out and get a whole slew of customers and clients.
  • Who are your business community cohorts, and how can you work together?
  • How about microloans, incubators and co-working spaces? 
  • How do you register your business and who do you need to connect with in Town or City Hall? Permits?
  • Don't forget your local chamber of commerce or downtown organizers! They love to get the word about you, their newest rockstar small biz entrepreneur.

2.  &Design is where the fun begins.