Holli Andrews

Creating urban places that people will visit and grow to love for many different reasons.

That's vibrancy.

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Unity College, in the woods behind my cottage, 1990.

Biddeford Heartworks Project. Photo by Claire Houston (Heart of Biddeford, 2010).

Getting things done.

Demonstrated progress

The photo above is of the Downtown Framingham Farmers Market, which I was able to organize with community leaders, Matt and Jacqui Hanson of Hanson's Farm and the Director of Framingham Farmers Markets, Jacqueline Beckwith. From events that actually draw folks to the downtown, to branding, marketing and public art projects -- people need to see that things are happening.

And that is my credo from the get-go. Some call it low-hanging fruit. I call it visible change.


cornerstones and foundation

My professional background and perfectionist work ethic are largely based on the following bars set by mentors along the way --

  • A rigorous core design curriculum from Portland School of Art (now Maine College of Art, or MECA), circa 1982 to 84
  • A respect for small business grit and style from Back East shop owner, Paula Ashton in Boulder, CO during the mid to late 80s 
  • A heady activist perspective from my foot soldier days with advocacy groups like Earth First! and Maine People's Alliance in Maine | 88 to 95
  • A grassroots organizing style from trying to keep up with Shoestring Theater director, Nance Parker in Portland, and yes -- donning her puppets for community events and local politics, mid to late 90s
  • A stout appreciation for the power of meaningful community connections to transform civic pride and sense of place, developed as an AmeriCorps Works for ME volunteer | 95 to 97
  • A healthy obsession cast upon me to master the art of absolute beauty and natural purity by owner, Helene Lewand at Blackrock Farm | 02 to 08
  • A community development approach called Heart & Soul Community Planning, devised by the Vermont-based grassroots storytelling gurus at Orton Family Foundation and employed by the true master of Main Street, Rachael Weyand Harkness | 08 onward.

    For info on my work experience and education, check out my resume here or visit LinkedIn.

finally realizes that it’s a diamond,
it will be
because Holli removed the rough.” 

ed carr, metrowest regional transit authority |  march 2016


Kind words.

June 9, 2017

I have known and worked with Holli Andrews for approximately 5 years. In that time, she has never failed to amaze me with both her work ethic and her enthusiasm for the work she was doing. Very much a self-starter she was always able to frame issues and problems, identify solutions… and then go get them done. Her energy level is extraordinary.

Ms. Andrews’s education as a planner and urban designer has benefitted everyone who has worked with her as she applied her learned skills to the task of re-creating a blighted suburban town into a vibrant soon-to-be city. Not only colleagues, but Framingham’s citizenry will be the beneficiaries of her cerebral insights as to what “ought to be” instead of “what is.”

Finally, her caring and compassion towards those less fortunate than most of us, with the thought that there should be a place for everyone, is what really sets her apart from the average person. The notion that there is strength in diversity is not lost on Holli. As noted in the Jane Jacobs quote at the end of her emails… Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because - and only when - they are created by everybody.


Ed Carr, Director
MetroWest Regional Transit Authority