It all started in 2012.

The video is my thank you to the wonderful people of Framingham. I presented this media at my final FDR Public Board Meeting on March 10, 2017 -- 5 years to the day since I moved here from Maine and started working as the downtown manager.

This is my humble tribute to all the friends and families who took me in as one of their own, and to the many helping hands who worked tirelessly to bring the downtown back to life. And, this is for the folks who took a leap of faith like I did and moved to Framingham.

Long timers or newcomers -- our downtown entrepreneurs met some of the greatest obstacles a small business community could endure! Some faced adversity head on, while others showed quiet strength as leaders in a multicultural community.

I tried to do the impossible -- to cram so many great moments into a 10-minute sound slideshow. But, I think it captures the essence.


This video is for all the colors of Downtown Framingham.  (Turn up the volume.)

Very special people and places indeed.

Below, find a sample of my design portfolio and events.